Educational Programs

“Whoever listens to a witness becomes a witness.”  -- Elie Wiesel

One of the most important missions of Kol Israel Foundation is Holocaust education, which we have been providing to the Greater Cleveland community for over 50 years. Programs are appropriate for students in grades 6-12, for college students, and for civic organizations.  Programs and presentations are made free of charge to all groups. 

Please refer to this brochure for more information on how to schedule a visit to your school. You can submit an interest form or contact us for additional information.



The Kol Israel Foundation currently offers 2 Holocaust education programs, free of charge, to schools and organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. Each program lasts for 40-50 minutes, and can be available for a longer period of time upon request. Please refer to this brochure for more information. To schedule a visit, please submit an interest form or contact us for additional information.

“Our Stories” provides compelling, eye-witness testimony from local Holocaust Survivors that can help people understand the personal impact. These Holocaust Survivor videos are edited and enhanced with historic and personal photos.  It is ideal for the classroom or organizational meeting and, is generally, presented by Survivors’ family members. 

“All survivor organizations across the world grapple with saving individual testimony for posterity. These video presentations pair the history with family for a moving and memorable presentation. We are proud to develop and share this critical program.”
— Anne Lukas, President, Kol Israel Foundation

“Lessons Learned” is the second program we offer.  It introduces the Holocaust, with additional related programs.

These programs can promote awareness of the following:

  • Bullying, racism, genocide, stereotyping, and prejudice.
  • Consequences of apathy.
  • Address how individuals can make a difference.