Anne Lukawiec Lukas

chairman of the board

A child of two survivors Helen and Sol (Lukawiec) Lukas, Anne has been a member of the board of Kol Israel or Second Generation Kol Israel since 1986.  For ten years, she was also president of Second Generation. Her special interest is in Holocaust education.  While an associate professor at Notre Dame College and Ursuline College, she taught the Holocaust to traditional-aged and adult students, earning two “Facilitator of the Year” awards at Ursuline for those courses.  Additionally, she organized several Jewish-Christian trips to Poland, Italy, France, Israel, Germany, the UK and the Czech Republic, which included visits to sites of Jewish life, past and present.  These included the Warsaw Ghetto, Treblinka, Auschwitz, Majdanek, the Wannsee Conference (site of the Final Solution), the  town and camp of  Terezin, and Assisi, Italy, where priests, monks and nuns rescued hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust.   

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