Holocaust Survivor Families & Supporters

Educational Programs

Our new exhibit accompanies a revised curriculum that is interactive and focuses on critical thinking. Our program promotes remembrance, relevance and personal responsibility through the lessons of the Holocaust.

Our programs are:

  • Offered alone or in tandem

  • Flexible, dynamic and compliments your curriculum

  • Formatted and adapted to meet your educational objectives.


Face to Face

In 2018, Kol Israel acquired the Face to Face Holocaust Education program. This program, housed at Congregation Shaarey Tikvah in Beachwood, offers students an intensive offsite learning experience, including a brief introduction to Judaism, a review of the history of the Holocaust with a new updated exhibit and trained docents, interactive activities focused on critical thinking and an eyewitness presentation by a local Holocaust survivor.

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Sharing Our Stories

Sharing Our Stories provides an onsite video presentation of a Holocaust Survivor’s oral testimony presented by the Survivor’s adult children or grandchildren. This mobile program was designed to optimize single period classroom viewing. These presentations are offered to schools, universities and community organizations. This program can be combined with the Face to Face program and adapted to meet your students’ needs.