Who We Are

Kol Israel Foundation is an organization of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, their families, and supporters.

Those who survived the Holocaust suffered unbearable losses: mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, children. We were alone, strangers in a strange land, but because of the strength and vibrancy of the Cleveland community many survivors settled here.

We climbed from the horrors of Nazi Germany to band together and form Kol Israel as a refuge from the unfamiliar. Kol Israel has served as a family to those whose families were murdered. We channeled our energies into acculturation and never forgot those who did not survive. We built shuls and schools. We buried our ashes and built a monument at Zion Memorial Cemetery and held commemoration ceremonies. We never stopped caring about others.

How We Help



We organize programming to teach future generations on the dangers of hatred and intolerance.



We hold special events throughout the year to honor the lives and communities lost in the Holocaust.

Contribute to Kol Israel's Mission

Everyone can do their part to ensure the horrors of the Holocaust never happen again. A donation to Kol Israel Foundation will help provide support for survivors, maintain our memorial, and educate the public. It's more than just a tax donation; it's a contribution to changing the future.

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Sign up to become a member of Kol Israel Foundation. Kol Israel Foundation members are a unique strength who have helped shape and maintain the organization.