Kol Israel Chanukah Cards

Put your gelt where your “Happy Chanukah” is!

NEW! Kol Israel 2016 “Top 10 Greatest” Chanukah Card! 

Why send a sure-to-spoil fruit basket when you can make a difference and support Kol Israel Foundation? 

The back of the card says: 
“A generous donation to Kol Israel Foundation has been made in your honor.” 

The inside message reads: Remembering special people —especially you! Wishing you a holiday filled love and peace in your heart and throughout the world. Happy Chanukah

Send this light-hearted Chanukah card-gift by clicking the donate button below, filling in the required information, selecting the donation amount you wish to make ($18, $36, other) and we will address and send this beautiful card for you, and include a personal message if you wish.

If you have any questions please contact our office.