Learn about Malice, Murder, and Manipulation in Lithuania at Jewish Genealogy Society

Have you ever heard the term heritage citizenship? Grant Arthur Gochin, author of Malice, Murder, and Manipulation: One Man’s Search for Truth, is the featured speaker at the Wednesday, November 2nd meeting of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland. He will share his struggle to restore his family’s rights to citizenship in Lithuania. His appearance is co-sponsored by the Kol Israel Foundation.

Grant Gochin has litigated against the Lithuanian government many times over returning citizenship to those of Jewish ancestry and to force their hand in ceasing to honor Holocaust Perpetrators.

Citizenship and legal status affected every aspect of life in the “old country.” Mr. Gochin will relate a 100 year story of how the Lithuanian government abused national laws causing multiple Jewish deaths in 1922 and how that government continued that behavior four generations later. He will document one Jewish family’s deportations, deaths, abductions and movements.

Grant Gochin is a Litvak who has been researching his family history for the past 30 years. He is an activist for historical truth telling and accountability in Lithuania, and widely published on the subject. He is extensively philanthropically and politically engaged in Lithuania on Jewish issues. Grant serves as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Togo in California. Originally from South Africa, he presently resides in California, where he works as a Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Advisor. He is married with one son. Grant's blog on his engagements in Lithuania is at www.ggochin.wordpress.com.

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