CJN- Kol Israel educator retells father’s story

MANSFIELD – Ben Nebel couldn’t speak about the horrors he was a part of during the Holocaust. Now, his daughter, Ellen Jacob, wants to make sure that his heroic story is heard.

Jacob, vice president of Kol Israel Foundation and chairperson of Holocaust education outreach programming for the Beachwood-based organization, was the guest speaker April 23 at the Yom Hashoah commemoration at Emanuel Jacob Congregation in Mansfield.

“Because I’m the daughter and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I’m not only a witness, I’m a very lucky witness,” she said.

About 9 million Jews lived in Europe at the time and 6 million were killed in the Holocaust.

“Statistically, by those numbers, I can be counted on as a miracle. I’m a miracle,” said Jacob, a Bainbridge Township resident. “Each of the 3 million survivors has a story to be told.”

This was Nebel’s story.

As she told the story of her father, who died in 1998, she asked the guests to put themselves in his shoes. She wanted them to imagine the horrors the Nazis afflicted upon the Jews, just because of their religion. Instead of using her father’s name during her talk, she substituted the word “you.”

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