CJN- Kol Israel offers Surviviors hope

During a 2018 hospitalization, my 94-year-old bubbe, Liza Alpert, said that perhaps her time had come. I’ve marked two birthdays since that bedside conversation and I’m blessed to continue chatting with my bubbe almost daily. She is one of the few remaining Holocaust survivors of Kol Israel Foundation.

Kol Israel was founded in 1959 as a social outlet for survivors. Its focus has shifted to educating the next generations on the consequences of xenophobia. The task now remains to the second- and third-generation families.

I never dreamed bubbe, who had survived the horrors of the Holocaust, would live to watch me, her oldest grandchild, become a middle-aged woman with grown children. I think that Kol Israel prolonged survivors’ lives because it gave them a new family and new hope when most of theirs had perished.

Now, the remaining families are launching a campaign to increase and augment the important educational outreach and to carry on the message of “never again.” We have a powerful ally in Key Bank CEO Beth Mooney, a community leader who focuses on issues of inclusion and diversity, and embraces Kol Israel’s mission of sharing the lessons of the Holocaust as our world combats racism, anti-Semitism and hate.

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Jeremy Joseph