Next Generation - A testament of Resiliency and Regeneration from Devastation to Creation

We, the next generation are all miracles!

Our family, Holocaust Survivors, overcame the most horrific circumstances in order to live, to bear witness to Nazi crimes, and to perpetuate life. WE are the generation that needs to make sure that the world "NEVER FORGETS".                                                        


It is our privilege and responsibility to continue to honor all individuals who survived, and the six million of our extended families who were murdered. At a time when Holocaust denial is increasing, events being distorted, and old hatreds rising, sharing our families’ memories and testimonies are crucial. Our mission is to teach tolerance rather than bigotry, and to fight racial hatred. Our commitment is to educate future generations by remembering the past, carrying forward the message into the future, and keeping the voices alive.  Our educational programs allow us to increase understanding and knowledge about the massive violation of human rights that occurred to Jews and many others during the Holocaust. Education is a powerful vehicle that allows us to provide a moral compass to help guide the vision of future generations. 

Suggested readings

Click here for selected resources for grades 6-12

Click here for selected resources for grades 6-12

Story Expression

Mitzvah Projects


Our Mitzvah Project: By Cameron Hurwitz and Jackson Hurwitz

For our B’nai Mitzvah Project we wanted to do something that would be meaningful to our family and make a difference in our community.  We decided to raise awareness of Kol Israel Foundation and raise money for Kol Israel’s Holocaust Education Program.  Kol Israel is an organization that has played an important role for our family.  Kol Israel was started by Mike Frum, of blessed memory, who was married to our great grandmother.  It began as a social organization that our great grandparents and many other Holocaust Survivors relied on since they didn’t know anyone in Cleveland and lost many family members.  Kol Israel became like a family to these survivors.  Now, we are working with Kol Israel to keep Survivors' memories alive.  Our grandmother developed an education program that travels to schools, religious institutions and organized groups in Northeast Ohio.  Using footage from long videos of Survivors' testimonies taken in the 1980’s, 20-minute videos were created that are more appealing for kids to watch.  These videos are presented by family members of survivors and by sharing their stories we hope to continue to educate people about the horrors of the Holocaust.

We created this website to in an effort to teach our generation about Kol Israel and what we do.  We are also hoping to raise $1,000 or more to contribute towards the cost of creating a video to further this important program.  We are donating some of our B’nai Mitzvah gifts to reach our goal.

You can click the link below to donate.  Thank you for your support.