Ben Nebel

1924 - 1998

A Holocaust Story of Courage, Compassion, and Resilience

Ben, his parents and 4 siblings were a normal Jewish family living in Lacko, Poland, a small town nestled in the Tetra mountains.

The Jews of the town were forced to move to Nowy Sacz where Ben’s parents were marched to a cemetery and shot to death. His siblings were transported to Treblinka and gassed to death. Ben was the only one of his extended family to survive the war.  

Ben spent the next five years being “relocated” — to Rzeszow then Tarnow labor camps; transported to Plaszow then Birkenau/Auschwitz death camps; and forced on a Death March to Mauthausen/Ebensee killing center.

Ben witnessed and survived untold brutality at the hands of the Nazis, yet never lost his humanity. A single promise to a friend gave him the will to live to tell his story. He was liberated by US troops. So grateful was he, that after the war Ben volunteered to work for his liberators.

Ben emigrated to the United States in 1946, moved to Cleveland, married and started a new life and a new family.  Throughout his life he often wondered why the world looked the other way. (20 min)