Helen (Chaya) Dub, nee Grossman

1920 – 2009

The Survival and Triumph of the Jewish Spirit

Helen Dub.jpg

In 1941, Hungary forcibly deported Helen, her parents and 8 siblings to Poland. Under German occupation Helen was forced into labor, endured endless suffering and witnessed countless murders.  In August of 1943, the Germans liquidated the ghetto and killed every remaining Jew they could find.  Helen fled to the woods with her sister. She spent a year hiding in an underground bunker in the woods, which ultimately caved in, killing most of its inhabitants, including Helen’s sister.  When Russian troops liberated the area a few months later, Helen was the only survivor of her family.

After World War II, Helen started a tailoring business, married, and had three children.  In 1949, they fled to Montreal, Canada, where they lived until 1953, and then emigrated to Cleveland.  (18 min)